St Peter’s, as a  Conference and Retreat Centre is well situated to host conferences with their facilities for large groups– also for a day or longer duration. St Peter’s as a convenient, warm and welcoming centre for training and conferencing.

St Peter’s
 was founded by the Community of the Resurrection in 1912. Known first as St Peter’s Seminary, it was part of a larger educational complex comprising the Seminary as well as St Peter’s School (for boys) – now St Martin’s, and St Agnes School (intended to teach young girls domestic skills). The complex has a long and rich educational history. The late Oliver Tambo taught mathematics at the school, and a number of well-known African leaders from South Africa and the Continent passed through its doors.
  It is well known that Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu did his theological studies at St Peter’s, which also trained a large number of eminent and respected clergy (including bishops) who subsequently served with distinction in many different dioceses around the Province. The complex served as a haven for meetings and consultations for leaders of various liberation movements during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Today it is used as a conferencing centre for Christian groups of all denominations.

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