For some time we have been thinking about ways of bringing the broad constituency around St Benedict's House and St Peter's Centre together to pray and support each other.


With effect from 4 May we will be celebrating a Eucharist at 12 noon followed by a light lunch, open to anyone who would like to attend. The venue may move around according to the presence of other groups in the centres. We will invite a donation of around R50 for the cost.

Anyone who wishes will be welcome to use the facilities during the day, before or after, to pray or rest or prepare sermons.
We hope that Sisters, Tertiaries, neighbours, diocesan office staff, members of the St Martin's school team, and friends in general will make use of this opportunity from time to time, to pray together and maintain contact even if briefly over lunch.
Please let the office know on 011 435 3662 if you hope to be there, simply for catering purposes.
We are also working on a loose modern 'Benedictine Rule of Life' which you may find helpful - but more of that when we see you.

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